Thursday, April 15, 2021




  1. The story of the image is worth telling. I took it in the gardens at Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland, in 2018. The butterfly is a Red Admiral, Vanessa atlanta. There were swarms of them flitting about the garden, gorging themselves on the flowers. They were so drunk on nectar that they didn’t mind my presence at all, and consequently they were extremely easy to photograph. I used my iPhone and got dozens of shots of them. We saw Red Admirals in great numbers everywhere we went on our tour of Scotland. I believe that a new flight of them had just emerged, all more or less at the same time, from their chrysalids. We have Red Admirals here in Northern California as well. Perhaps it’s just my imagining it, but the ones I’ve seen here do not seem as large, showy, or colorful as those Scottish ones.